May I introduce myself?

Hi, I’m Lex, a ’90s kid who finally joined the industry in 2017 after a decade spent in a completely different career path, having finally recognized that my passion would never go away, and that it would be a very sad if at the end of it all, on my cyberpunk deathbed of the future, I would be faced with the thought that I had not even tried, and that I would have nothing to say in return.

During my childhood I’ve always had friends with whom we would engage in conversations about game design, seemingly endlessly, which I would later miss a lot. I imagined I would somewhat retrieve that too by working in games. Which is why, among all the surprises I had when joining the industry, the biggest one had to be that I struggled to find people who actually liked discussing game design per se. I’ve always found this extremely curious, and a bit frustrating of course, because it meant I couldn’t bounce any of these ideas back and had to let them fester inside.

My blog will attempt therefore to share some of these incubated ideas, and see what the wide world throws back at me. I think I have a few things I’ve gathered along the years that I can contribute to the conversation. These will be attempts at covering subjects related to design and game dev, from a newcomer/outsider’s point of view, who’s foreign to the rules but not to the game.

I will go as deep as possible when covering subjects, with the aim of extracting the essence, reaching the soul, the core of the matter at hand. Using the specific to extract the general, functional, principles out of them and formalize, using an inductive reasoning method: getting the theory out of the facts and observations. Finding the principle that produce the aesthetics. A form of game design wisdom, acquired by game contemplation, meditation, to produce knowledge about games themselves, and what they mean for our lives.

My fundamental motivation of course is that, without attempting to demonstrate it here, I do think that attempting to create great video games is one of the most important things we can do with our time and lives. Finding meaning and making sense of our existence, by, hopefully, creating beauty.

Is there anything better that we could do?

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